Finally, Cancun! (PT 5/5)

Generally when I’m on vacation, I’m not the kind of person who wants to wake up early. I’m not a morning person to begin with, and vacation is my time to relax! However, since my travel partner is a morning person, I agreed to wake up early with him to watch the sun rise. I’m really glad I did, since it was a beautiful and unforgettable experience for someone like me! Another benefit of being awake that early is that we took advantage of the quiet morning to walk to the big CANCUN sign for a photo-op before it was overcrowded and before starting our day on a fun-filled excursion at Maroma Beach.

20160411_174550_edited20160411_184441_editedMaroma Beach is midway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, and was named by the Travel Channel as one of the top ten best beaches in the world – and for good reason! Maroma Beach is federally protected and features over 500 acres of pristine beach and lush rain forest. Although it is surrounded by resorts, there are plenty of eco-friendly tourist activities that anyone can participate in on the grounds; and after your activities have ended you can stay and enjoy the breathtaking environment. My travel partner and I decided to partake in one of these activities: riding camels along the beach.

That’s right, I said camels.
IMG_20160513_104414_208We originally were planning to ride horses, but when we saw an opportunity to do something as unexpected as ride camels in Mexico, we jumped at the chance! Once aboard our camels, Clara and Tara, we took a guided walk along Maroma Beach for an hour, where we were able to stop and take photos as well as feed the camels. It was educational, exciting, fun, and just like riding a horse – save for the mounting and dismounting process, which was more like holding on tight to a live see-saw! After our camel ride, we took advantage of relaxing on the beach before heading back to the hotel where we had a special in-room gourmet dinner planned.

We had heard previously that the best restaurant at the Great Parnassus Resort & Spa was the French restaurant, Le Maison de Michelle. We were thrilled to find out that the gourmet in-room VIP dinner we had arranged allowed us to choose our food from any of the restaurants, so it was with much glee that we ordered off the French menu.

20160411_221203_editedIt truly was incredible. From the roasted pear wrapped in puff pastry to the juicy salmon to the molten chocolate cake dessert, everything was delicious. Besides the exquisite food, what made the experience extra special was that we had our own private server, Mario, who set up a romantic table-setting by the patio per our request. Everything was perfect.

20160412_092459_editedSpeaking of food at the Great Parnassus, the next morning we ate at the special adults-only Sanctorum restaurant, where club level guests are invited to enjoy breakfast. Located at what would be considered the bow of the ship (if you read part 3, you’ll recall the design of the Great Parnassus is that of a cruise ship) overlooking the expansive white beach and miles of turquoise sea. Between the view and the delicious breakfast menu, it was a beautiful way to start what would be our last day in Cancun.

Even though our Nexus Tours guide would be picking us up at 2:00 pm to depart for the airport, we decided to do a little more sightseeing before we left. Since Cancun is a relatively walkable and very easy to navigate city, we walked down the road to visit the Museo Maya de Cancun. I had no idea what to expect, so when I saw that in addition to exhibits featuring Mayan relics there was also the protected archaeological site of San Miguelito, I was in awe. I had no idea that in the midst of the hubbub of downtown Cancun would be the peaceful and quiet remains of an ancient civilization protected on all sides from the modern world just feet away. 20160412_112742_edited

After visiting the museum, we had a small amount of time left to enjoy, so we did what most people tend to do on their vacation. LIE ON THE BEACH! And with that, I concluded my very first Mexican vacation. Is it time to go back yet?20160412_140558_edited

Is it time to go back yet?


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