3 Toasts en español for Cinco de Mayo

This Cinco de Mayo, be prepared to toast in Spanish no matter what the occasion! Below we have three ways to toast, depending upon your style of celebration.cinco de mayo script

  1. A classic toast for drinking margaritas with your friends
    Means: Health
  2. A fun collective toast for those shots of tequila 
    “Arriba (move the glass up in the air), Abajo (move the glass down), al Centro (move the glass to the center), y pa’ Dentro (take the shot).”
    Means: Up, Down, to the Middle, and Inside
  3. A perfect toast for the host of a dinner party to give to his guests
    “Salud, amor, y dinero. ¡Y tiempo para gastarlo!”
    Means: Health, love, and money. And time to spend it.



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