Master the Art of the Carry-On Bag

shutterstock_15468616_resizedAre you the master of your carry-on bag, or is it the master of you?

The carry-on bag is easily the most underrated yet critical item a traveler has. More often than not, we think of our carry-on as nothing more than a place to store some form of in-flight entertainment. As ideal as it is to believe that our checked luggage will reach the correct destination at the correct time, the reality is that the carry-on bag becomes the savior more often than we realize. Not to mention, a properly packed carry-on can also help maximize space in your checked luggage. Here are a few quick tips to help you master the art of the carry-on:

  1. The most efficient way to pack a carry-on is to divide and conquer. Smaller pouches to group items together such as electronics help create order and make high priority items like tickets, phone, eyeglasses, or medicines easy to access.
  2. A change of clothes and toiletries for you and any child you may be traveling with are crucial for those times when your checked bags don’t reach you in a timely fashion.
  3. When traveling with a child, a couple extra tools to have in your bag are wet wipes, snacks, and some form of entertainment- triangular crayons are a great option for in-flight entertainment as they won’t roll off the tray table.
  4. Consolidate entertainment as much as you can. It is tempting to bring a few novels to the beach or some puzzles for the plane, but investing in an e-reader can streamline your packing process and save you an extraordinary amount of space. Download your favorite books, articles, magazines, newspapers, and games ahead of time and you won’t even need an internet connection to enjoy them.

Look out next week for our 3 Pro-Tips to Packing Your Suitcase!


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