Get On-Board with the Aruba Hi-Winds Tournament

The Aruba Hi-Winds Tournament is easily one of the most exciting events of the year! 2016 marks the 7th year of the event, which is the largest international water sports event in the world! This event focuses mainly on kiteboarding and windsurfing, but there is also a mountain bike race for the land-dwellers.

From July 9-17 you can take in the incredible sights of the competition on Hadicurari Beach including long-distance boarding/surfing, freestyle events, semi-long distance kiteboarding and the IFCA (International Funboard Class Association) Pan-American Slalom Championship.


Kiteboarding Windsurfing
Semi-long distance Juniors IFCA Pan-American Slalom Championship
Freestyle Freestyle
Long distance Long distance

shutterstock_144342505_resizedSummer in Aruba means strong trade winds, which make the island the perfect place for this high-spirited tournament. The winds propel the kiteboarders high into the air during the freestyle competitions. You’ll also be amazed to see just how fast both kiteboarders and windsurfers can go during the races! In fact, many windsurfers can reach speeds up to 25-35 mph, beating water skiers and jet skiers which makes them the fastest sailing crafts on open water!

After seeing what these athletes can do, you’ll be inspired to learn how to kiteboard and windsurf yourself; and when you do, you’ll realize that they are surprisingly easy sports to get into! Kiteboarding doesn’t require super-human strength like you might imagine, and windsurfing is something accessible to everyone,  even to children, with boards of varying sizes to accommodate your personal style.

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