Pro Tips for Planning Your Caribbean Dream Wedding

If you are planning a destination wedding in the Caribbean you probably know the basics already; but we thought we might share a few extra tips with you that we have learned from many of the happy couples we have helped plan their own dream weddings!

shutterstock_62655127_resizedTIP: Let an All-Inclusive Resort Host the Wedding
Planning a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort is a breeze! They offer multiple options that make budgeting easy and most resorts also offer on-site wedding planners/coordinators who will walk you through every detail of your event as part of your package. Not to mention that a wedding at an all-inclusive makes planning travel for your guests and bridal party a cinch.

TIP: Choose Your Wedding Date Carefully
Trying to keep the cost low? You generally want to avoid holidays (both local and international) for obvious reasons. A less obvious way to keep down cost? Book during hurricane season between August and October. If weather is a major concern for you, this might not be the best option; however, your chances of being hit by a hurricane are very low, so if you are looking to save some money, it can be an ideal time. Which brings us to our next tip…

TIP: Love the Backup Location
In case of inclement weather, resorts offer indoor backup locations. Even if the chance that you’ll have to use it is very small, there is still a chance- so you need to make sure you will be happy with the alternate location in the event of needing to relocate the wedding indoors.

TIP: Schedule the Ceremony for the Perfect Time
Find out what time the sun sets and plan the ceremony for an hour before. The benefits? You’ll be able to take advantage of the flattering light cast by “the golden hour“, have beautiful daytime photographs as well as gorgeous sunset shots.

TIP: Plan Your Attire Accordingly
Consider your environment when picking out your wedding attire. It’s hot in the Caribbean, and linen will be the most comfortable fabric for men rather than suits, and for brides we say forgo the ball gown for something lighter that you won’t mind getting dirty. Remember, there is wind, sand and water that will almost certainly get on your dress. Bonus tip? Forget the veil- if the beach is windy you certainly won’t want it in the way of your first kiss as a married couple!

TIP: Don’t Forget About the Legalities
Just because you got married in the Caribbean does not mean you are legally married in the United States. Be certain that you have planned to have all the necessary paperwork in both the US and in destination. In fact, it might be worth considering a quick civil ceremony stateside before heading to your destination wedding with family and friends.

TIP: Enjoy your special day
As if we have to tell you that. Congratulations!

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