Best Beach Make-Up Tip You’ll Ever Learn!

shutterstock_84693955_resizedFor some of us ladies, going to the beach can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to skincare. Of paramount importance, of course, is making sure we have a sunscreen that will protect the delicate skin on our faces. It’s generally accepted that beyond applying sunscreen, there is no need for any other products because, you know, we’re at the beach! But as much as we hate to be that person, the fact remains that if we are on vacation and getting our pictures taken, we want to look good. So what’s a girl to do?

The best way to tackle this is with a one-two punch:

Step 1
Apply a tinted BB cream with SPF suited to your skin-tone. Consider this your primer, moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen all-in-one tool. For those of you unfamiliar with BB cream, it is most often a mineral-based thick cream meant to treat and cover blemishes and helps fight the effects of aging all while hydrating your skin.

Step 2
Lightly dust a tinted, moisturizing SPF-enhanced finishing powder on top of the cream you applied in Step 1. By using a powder on top of the BB cream, you are setting your “foundation” by providing it more sticking power. This also creates a more finished matte look that you might be more comfortable with if you are a die-hard foundation wearer.

57435517_resizedThe best thing about this make-up tip is that it works equally well for spending time at the beach or for going out at night. Since the BB cream and finishing powder combo is lighter than foundation, you don’t have to worry about the tone not matching your sun-kissed skin, and you’ll be able to show off your new beach glow!

*Bonus Tip!
To complete your look, swipe on some waterproof mascara and keep your lips soft with a tinted SPF lip balm!


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