VE’s Best Beach Buys – Sunburn*Alert

shutterstock_116417077_resizedA healthy glow might be nice, but healthy skin is even nicer! Thankfully it’s getting even easier to monitor sun exposure with Sunburn*Alert UV Wristbands. Simply apply your sunscreen to the band and once the dark purple band fades to a lighter shade, you know it is time to reapply. Once the band fades to white, it is time to either get out of the sun or cover up. Keep in mind that the wristbands do not help protect against sun damage, so make sure to choose an appropriate SPF for you. The American Melanoma Foundations recommends a broad-spectrum SPF of 15 or higher. Broad-spectrum is important because not only does it prevent cancerous UVB rays, but it also protects against premature aging caused by UVA rays. If you have sensitive skin look for an SPF with PABA esters, such as glycerol PABA, padimate A or padimate O, which are more refined and less likely to cause irritation.

The more you know…

VE’s Best Beach Buys – The Vacation Vault

VacationVault_resizedOccasionally we at Vacation Express come across something fascinating that we think will enhance your vacation, and this week’s Best Beach Buy is the perfect example.

Keeping valuables safe at the beach or pool is one less annoyance you need to have while on vacation. Since smartphones have become a necessary element to enjoy a vacation due to their advanced cameras and highly developed entertainment capabilities, it’s critical to have a way to protect them from the elements or otherwise sneaky hands! The SAFEGO, previously known as the Vacation Vault, is a great solution that allows you to lock your items in a high-impact plastic case that can be attached to a lounge chair or other stationary object. The box opens with a personalized combination lock, plus SAFEGO features the “Combination Keeper”, an online tool that allows you to register and then retrieve your combination in case of a forgetful emergency.

Happy Beaching!

3 Pro-Tips to Packing Your Suitcase

92246194As a Travel Aficionado you are already well-accustomed to packing, but even the best of us could use some tips to make it a bit easier! Here at Vacation Express, we are ready to share with you secrets to efficient packing that will change your life if you don’t already practice these.

Encapsulate your wardrobe: The concept of a “wardrobe capsule” is nothing new, as it was a term coined in the 1970s, but we have seen its popularity come back with a vengeance. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a wardrobe capsule is simply a collection of clothes that are considered essential and can be easily paired with each other. For example, for a 7-night beach vacation, consider bringing two pairs of shorts, a skirt, a dress, and four tops that you can mix and match with the different bottoms, rather than bringing seven completely different outfits that will waste precious luggage space.

Roll with it: Since you’ll be employing the concept of using a wardrobe capsule, you’ll already have a significant amount of space freed for whatever delights you choose to bring home from your trip. But what if we tell you that you can get even more space in your luggage by how you put your clothes in it? The fact is, if you roll your clothing, not only does it save a significant amount of space, but it also keeps items from getting wrinkled.

Get “active”: The final secret to packing may be surprising- because it isn’t in what you pack, but what you don’t pack. Many people bring active-wear to the beach for working-out, lounging, or to wear on any number of fun excursions. This is also the perfect outfit to wear to the airport. Active-wear (such as track/yoga pants and a tee-shirt) is comfortable for traveling, easy to layer, and perhaps most importantly, very TSA-friendly. There are no belts or additional jewelry to fool with, sneakers are easily slipped on and off, and once again, it creates more space in your luggage.

Bonus Tip: For the ladies- remember, you won’t need your entire makeup supply while you’re getting sun at the beach. Try bringing a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 for your face, waterproof mascara, pencil that doubles for eyebrows and eyeliner, and some moisturizing lipstick.

There you have it, Travel Aficionados. So what about you, what are your favorite packing tips?

Master the Art of the Carry-On Bag

shutterstock_15468616_resizedAre you the master of your carry-on bag, or is it the master of you?

The carry-on bag is easily the most underrated yet critical item a traveler has. More often than not, we think of our carry-on as nothing more than a place to store some form of in-flight entertainment. As ideal as it is to believe that our checked luggage will reach the correct destination at the correct time, the reality is that the carry-on bag becomes the savior more often than we realize. Not to mention, a properly packed carry-on can also help maximize space in your checked luggage. Here are a few quick tips to help you master the art of the carry-on:

  1. The most efficient way to pack a carry-on is to divide and conquer. Smaller pouches to group items together such as electronics help create order and make high priority items like tickets, phone, eyeglasses, or medicines easy to access.
  2. A change of clothes and toiletries for you and any child you may be traveling with are crucial for those times when your checked bags don’t reach you in a timely fashion.
  3. When traveling with a child, a couple extra tools to have in your bag are wet wipes, snacks, and some form of entertainment- triangular crayons are a great option for in-flight entertainment as they won’t roll off the tray table.
  4. Consolidate entertainment as much as you can. It is tempting to bring a few novels to the beach or some puzzles for the plane, but investing in an e-reader can streamline your packing process and save you an extraordinary amount of space. Download your favorite books, articles, magazines, newspapers, and games ahead of time and you won’t even need an internet connection to enjoy them.

Look out next week for our 3 Pro-Tips to Packing Your Suitcase!

Resort Wear Trends for 2016



Wondering what to wear to the beach? Curiosity, travel, and nostalgia are the driving themes behind spring’s color trends. With U.S. travel opening up to Cuba, we are seeing homage to the classic yet laid-back elegance of Havana’s golden era with free-spirited bursts of Caribbean color. This season’s resort wear features extra-long wide-leg pants, flared culottes, and billowy maxi dresses reflective of relaxing breezy days spent at the beach. Embroidered florals and tropical prints add energy to otherwise serene pieces, blending modern-day style with nature’s inspiration.

Next: Keep an eye out for some great tips on packing!


10 Ways to Tell You Need a Vacation

sand_castle_dragonSometimes you just need a break from it all. Here are 10 ways to tell you are in desperate need of a vacation!

  1. You find yourself staring at bathing suit displays in stores for long periods of time…
  2. You listen to the washing machine and imagine you’re at the beach hearing the waves rolling in…
  3. You’ve forgotten what the sun on your skin feels like…
  4. Instead of making dinner, you combine whatever is in your pantry for a meal…
  5. You sit in your bathtub and pretend it’s an infinity pool by filling it up to the top…
  6. Your kids have started making sand castles out of dirt…
  7. The family visits the pet store to pretend they are snorkeling with the fish…
  8. You hear tropical music everywhere you go…
  9. You have a running count down of the days, hours, and minutes until you are off the clock…
  10. You dream of crystal clear turquoise water and sugar white beaches every night…

If this sounds like you, it’s time to book! What are you waiting for?