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Travel Tuesday - Cozumel
Travel Tuesday |
May 10, 2016

Travel Tuesday – Cozumel

When you see the underwater wonders that await you in coves, reef walls and tropical lagoons, you’ll wonder if you such beauty can even be real. That’s Cozumel. Cozumel is...

Monkey Around in Honduras!
Travel Tuesday |
March 29, 2016

Monkey Around in Honduras!

Known for their friendly and boisterous personalities, it’s easy to understand why guided tours that feature Capuchin encounters are so popular! White-faced Capuchin monkeys are among this hemisphere’s smartest and most...

Travel Tuesday - Costa Rica
Travel Tuesday |
February 02, 2016

Travel Tuesday – Costa Rica

Because of Costa Rica’s unique volcanic landscape, thermal hot springs can be found all around the country! This image was taken at The Springs Resort & Spa in Arenal, Costa...

Travel Tuesday - Aruba
Travel Tuesday |
January 26, 2016

Travel Tuesday – Aruba

While most Caribbean islands are known for their palm trees, Aruba is also known for the unique Fofoti tree. The Fofoti tree features a twisted trunk bent at a 90-degree...

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